Justin Allan – The Functional Vitamin, Supplement, & Nutrition Course


Justin Allan – The Functional Vitamin, Supplement, & Nutrition Course
Original Price: $499
You Just Pay: 159.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Justin Allan
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Justin Allan – The Functional Vitamin, Supplement, & Nutrition Course
Original Price: $499
You Just Pay: 159.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Justin Allan
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

In collaboration with Jenni Gallagher, APRN, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce The Functional Vitamin, Supplement, and Nutrition Course, the Elite NP guide on how to integrate supplementation, vitamin, and nutritional support from a functional medicine standpoint into your practice! This course is another addition to our functional medicine course line, and I am proud to get it released to my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers. We plan on releasing multiple functional medicine-based courses in the near future and this is a great addition to your functional medicine knowledge base!
This course is designed for the nurse practitioner who wants to learn the clinical and business concepts of providing supplement and vitamin support from a functional medicine standpoint to their patients. Providing recommendations on various evidence-based supplements, vitamins, and nutritional advice to your patients improves their well-being, overall health, and your clinics bottom line. Integrating and providing integrative medicine-based vitamin and supplement recommendations into your practice is relatively straight forward and this course will walk you through the process!
More and more patients are looking to functional and integrative medicine to improve their health. The astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur needs to be aware of these trends and understand how to provide this in demand service to their patients. Included in this, is providing solid and evidence-based recommendations on nutrition, supplements, and vitamins! Many patients are wanting to stick to natural and holistic healthcare interventions, therefore many of them are interested in learning more about supplements and vitamins from a licensed PROVIDER who understands the medical implications of these alternative treatment options. And this course will guide the nurse practitioner on what top supplements you should be recommending and providing in your practice.
Patients are sick of being handed another pill that has side effects and can be expensive and providing sound nutritional advice and evidence-based supplement and vitamin recommendations can help reduce patient costs and improve clinical outcomes without nasty side effects.
The vitamin and supplement industry is valued at over $100-billion dollars and continues to grow! The demand continues to increase; therefore, as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur who is looking to integrate another revenue stream into their practice and to improve clinical outcomes, you should be providing vitamin, supplement, and nutritional recommendations into your practice! Your patients can either hear sound advice from you, or from the “bro” behind that counter at a supplement store! I think you know who they would rather hear the advice from 😉
This course is designed to teach the nurse practitioner who has ZERO experience with vitamins and supplements the foundational functional and integrative medicine knowledge to integrate this niche service line into their practice. This course covers not only foundational nutritional advice that improves metabolic health, but also covers over 2 dozen evidence-based supplements/vitamins that can improve your patient’s overall health and wellbeing! And the best part? This course is affordable and actionable!
You will learn:
Why you should be recommending vitamins and supplements to your patients.
Initial lab testing you should be doing on your patients.
The difference between “normal” and “optimal” lab values.
Why adequate protein intake in the diet is critical to optimal metabolic health.
Lab testing in regards to protein.
What the optimal ranges are for liver enzymes and how this is important to health.
How to improve glucose metabolism and insulin use through nutritional support and supplementation.
How to recommend a low-carb diet to your patients with glucose metabolic disease.
How to appropriately utilize fats in the diet.
How to evaluate, monitor, and dose patients on a variety of vitamins and supplements including:
o Omega 3
o Red Yeast Rice
o Berberine
o All the B vitamins
o Cobalt
o Vitamin D (including lab testing)
o Vitamin E
o Iron (including lab testing)
o Curcumin
o Black Cumin Seed Oil
o Oral Glutathione
o And more!
How to find the best supplements/vitamins to recommend to your patients.
General tips and tricks when it comes to vitamin/supplement recommendations.
How to utilize informed consent and document to CYA!
How to utilize compounding pharmacies.
Which vendors/suppliers to use.
How to price your services/products.
How to succeed and more!
PLUS, this course will award 8 total CEU hours and 4 pharmacology hours so you can stay up to date with your certifications and licenses! That is right, you will obtain valuable and actionable knowledge PLUS earn CEU hours that you need to continue working as a nurse practitioner.
There are over 6 hours of video and audio content where Jenni and I go over a 245-slide presentation in detail. There will also be audio recordings for you to stream so you can learn on the go!
This course will also include a supplement and vitamin specific informed consent form so you can ensure you are covered from all angles.
I am confident this course will provide you the appropriate amount of knowledge to start integrating functional and integrative medicine based nutritional, vitamin, and supplemental support to your patients. Any type of practice can integrate this information into it, therefore don’t let limiting beliefs prevent you from providing an in-demand service in your practice!
If you are wanting to integrate an in-demand, profitable, and low liability service into your practice, then you need to be providing vitamin and supplemental support in your practice! If you are wanting to expand your functional/integrative medicine knowledge, then this course is a no brainer! I have been providing vitamin and supplement recommendations at my men’s health practice for years and my patients LOVE IT! The ones who integrate the supplementation into their protocol do better than the patients that don’t! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!
Course Curriculum
The Functional Vitamin, Supplement, and Nutrition Course
Course Disclosure and Course Slides
Course Pre-Test
Section 1: Course Introduction (9:25)
Section 2: The Initial Visit, Diagnosis Codes, and Ordering Labs (17:02)
Section 3: Optimal Lab Value Discussed (34:27) Section 4: Protein and the Diet, Amino Acids, and Optimal Protein Levels (15:07)
Section 5: Liver Enzymes and Their Optimal Values (13:01)
Section 5.1: Carbs, Glucose, and Insulin (21:47)
Section 6: Carbs Continued and Diabetic Medication Reduction (23:02)
Section 7: Diet Changes for the Glucose Sensitive Patient (24:03)
Section 8: Supplements to Improve Metabolic Function (25:41)
Section 9: The B Vitamins, Dosing, Use, and Lab Testing (29:07)
Section 10: Use of Cobalt, Vitamin D – Dosing and Evaluation (25:39)
Section 11: Vitamin E, Electrolytes, and Iron Introduction (11:18)
Section 12: Iron Continued, Lab Testing, Dosing, Types of Iron Supplements, Vitamin C, and Copper (34:59)
Section 13: Importance of Adequate Water Intake, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Curcumin, GABA, Glutathione, and L-Theanine (19:40)
Section 14: Luteolin, Chlorella, Melatonin, Milk Thistle, NAC, Resveratrol, and Valerian Root (21:53)
Section 15: General Tips and Recommendations for Supplementation and Vitamins (25:35)
Section 16: Final Thoughts and Clinical Conclusion (14:06)
Section 17: Informed Consent, Documentation, Compounding Pharmacies, and Supplement/Vitamin Suppliers (18:54)
Section 18: Clinic Costs, Pricing, Lab Considerations, and Ending (12:13)
Additional Resources: Course References, Indemnification Clause, Informed Consent, and Additional Resources
Streaming Audio Lectures
Course Post-Test
Course Evaluation


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