Justin Allan – The Anti-Aging and Advanced Peptide Course


Justin Allan – The Anti-Aging and Advanced Peptide Course
Original Price: $499
You Just Pay: 159.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Justin Allan
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Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Justin Allan – The Anti-Aging and Advanced Peptide Course
Original Price: $499
You Just Pay: 159.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Justin Allan
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

In collaboration with Justin Groce, NP, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated Anti-Aging and Advanced Peptide Course! This course is a BRAND-NEW course to replace our older advanced peptide course. Not only will this course include the old course and all the peptides discussed in it as a FREE BONUS, but there are now over 4 hours of new content that will cover a variety of new peptides PLUS anti-aging therapeutics due to the ever-increasing demand of anti-aging therapeutics secondary to our aging population. Basically: this course is going to provide my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers A LOT of valuable content at a reasonable price compared to the other guys! PLUS, it will provide you with fresh CE hours and a new certificate to show your competency!
So, what are peptides? Peptides are nothing more than a sequence of amino acids that elicit a response in the body. Most of these peptides mimic a stimulating hormone or work on another physiological pathway, thus increasing the body’s natural production of a hormone, such as growth hormone, or eliciting a pathway that provides a measurable physiological response.
Basically: peptides are a FANTASTIC service and product to offer in your practice! Providers across the country have been utilizing peptide therapies for decades with safe results because they WORK. Peptide therapies provide an alternative treatment option to your patients seeking to improve their quality of life.
Peptides can be used for a variety of conditions/diseases including improving recovery times, decreasing healing times from surgery/injuries, accelerating weight loss, improving sleep, improving skin quality, and much more! There is a reason why they are in such high demand, especially in the anti-aging domain! Which brings us to the other part of this course:
Anti-aging therapeutics, also known as anti-aging treatments or interventions, refer to a range of medical and lifestyle approaches aimed at slowing down the aging process and promoting healthy aging. These therapeutics are designed to address age-related changes and help individuals maintain their physical health, mental well-being, and vitality as they get older. Basically, it increases the number of QUALITY years in someone’s life. And this course will cover the foundations of anti-aging and the most popular and evidence backed anti-aging therapeutics!
From a business standpoint, offering peptide therapies and anti-aging services in your practice is a no brainer. The margins on these therapies are fantastic and can easily result in an additional $3,000-$10,000 of revenue in your practice. Any kind of practice can benefit from these services and products because the peptides can be used in practically any adult and the anti-aging services are in high demand due to an aging population. You will help your patients feel and look better PLUS increase your practices revenue. A true WIN-WIN!
This course will teach you:
What peptides and anti-aging therapeutics are and how they are used.
What types of practices could benefit from peptide therapy and anti-aging services.
The legal aspects of peptide therapy.
The physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology of peptide therapy and anti-aging.
A variety of peptides and anti-aging therapeutics, including:
Growth hormone peptides
Sexual/reproductive health peptides
Weight loss peptides
Anti-Aging & Wellness peptides
Regenerative & Immunity peptides
Neurological peptides
PLUS, all the peptides from the original course as the clinical information from that course is included as a BONUS to this one! Those include:
The clinical practice of growth hormone peptides including:
The clinical practice of peptides used for wellness purposes including:
Thymosin Alpha 1
Thymosin Beta 4
Pentosan Polysulfate
How to identify the right patient for peptide therapy and anti-aging services.
Adverse events to be aware of and how to manage those.
How to monitor treatment and laboratory parameters.
How to utilize informed consent.
Where to order peptides and a variety of anti-aging therapeutics from.
How to price the treatments included in the course.
How to integrate peptide therapy and anti-aging into your practice.
And more!
In addition, this course will provide 7 official CEU hours to help you stay up to date with your certifications and licensure!
This course has over 5 hours of recorded lecture where Justin Groce and myself go over a 139 slide presentation in detail. There will also be audio recordings that you can stream so you can learn on the go if you so choose.
This course will also include a handy dosing guide, informed consent forms, and a variety of additional resources to help you succeed as you integrate peptides and anti-aging services into your practice! You should be able to walk away from this course ready to begin offering these novel and in-demand products and services!
If you are looking to increase your clinical knowledge, help your patients age gracefully, improve your patient’s quality of life, and increase your practices revenue, then this course is for you! Take advantage of this amazing deal AND earn some CEU today!
Course Curriculum
The Anti-Aging and Advanced Peptide Course
Course Disclosure and Course Slide Deck
Course Pre-Test
Section 1: Introduction to Peptides and Anti-Aging Therapeutics (12:39)
Section 2: What are Anti-Aging Therapeutics and the Aging of the Human Cell (17:46)
Section 3: Pharmaceutical Agents Used for Anti-Aging: Dasatinib, Metformin, Methylene Blue, NAD+, Rapamycin, Telmisartan (34:16)
Section 4: Nutraceuticals for Longevity: Melatonin, Quercetin, Resveratrol (22:26)
Section 5: Practical Anti-Aging Protocols (12:04)
Section 6: Peptide Basics (6:21)
Section 7: Growth Hormone Peptide Essentials, IGF-1, and Ghrelin (17:03)
\Section 8: Growth Hormone Peptides: Tesamorelin, AOD9604, IGF1 LR3, Lab Monitoring, and Adverse Reactions (31:21)
Section 9: Peptides for Sexual and Reproductive Health: PT-141 and Kisspeptin-10 (18:27)
Section 10: Peptides for Weight Loss: Semaglutide, Tesofensine, Tirzepatide / AND Anti-Aging and Wellness Peptides: Epitalon, Mots-C, SS-31 (25:41)
Section 11: Regenerative, Immunity, and Neurological Peptides: TB500, Semax, Selank and the Principles of Stacking and Combining Peptide Therapies (27:15)
Section 12: Practice Integration Considerations: Informed Consent, Pricing, Compounding Pharmacies, and Ending (19:43)
ORIGINAL PEPTIDE COURSE BONUS 1: The Growth Hormone Secretagogues: Sermorelin, CJC1295, Ipamorelin, Ibutamoren. (65:22)
ORIGINAL PEPTIDE COURSE BONUS 2: Peptides for Wellness: Thymosin Alpha 1, Thymosin Beta 4, BPC-157, PT-141, KPV, Pentosan Polysulfate. (68:53)
Course Post-Test
Additional Resources, Dosing Guide, and Informed Consent.
Streaming Course Audio
Course Evaluation


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