Casey Demchak (AWAI) – Key Message Copy Platforms


Casey Demchak (AWAI) – Key Message Copy Platforms
Original Price: $497
You Just Pay: 119.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Casey Demchak (AWAI)
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87


Casey Demchak (AWAI) – Key Message Copy Platforms
Original Price: $497
You Just Pay: 119.95$(One Time 90% OFF)
Author: Casey Demchak (AWAI)
Sale Page:_
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: Or Skype_Macbus87

This course is available and delivery within a few hours!”I’ll walk you through the whole process… take any guess-work out of the equation… and show you how simple it is to get the information you need from clients to make writing a Key Message Copy Platform much easier for you. 

Casey Demchak (AWAI) – Key Message Copy Platforms

Casey Demchak (AWAI) - Key Message Copy Platforms

The Highly Unusual $3,000 – $7,500 Writing Project I Invented… and Perfected… that Absolutely EVERY Company Needs

“It started as a way to make an easy extra $3,000 every month… But these days I’m making $7,500 or more for the same projects! Now I never want to write anything else!”

Spend a few minutes with me right now, and I’ll show you how to make the same kind of money doing the exact same thing.

Simple Step #1: Talk to your client’s research and development and marketing teams to gather all the information you can about the product…
Simple Step #2: Identify the key benefits of the product based on that information…
Simple Step #3: Write short snippets of copy — headlines, bullets, taglines, that sort of thing — that really make those benefits stand out…

No More “Short-Order” Syndrome

Just about every freelance writer knows that one of the biggest challenges new writers face is something I like to call “short-order” syndrome.
In the beginning, you tend to take on any and every project you can… from anyone who’s willing to pay… pretty much no matter what.
Maybe you have one client who’s a private physician, and she’ll pay you $300 per page to write her website copy…
Next you get a school teacher with an Etsy shop who’ll give you a nice set of handmade throw pillows in exchange for a series of emails for her 24 followers…
Or the local orchid farmer who needs your help writing blog posts and is willing to pay $50 per article…
The problem is you have almost zero control over the work you do or how much you’re making from it.
You become the “short-order cook” of the writing world — scrambling from order to order with very little rest and no guarantee that all this hustle will even pay the bills.
And the truth is it doesn’t have to be that way.
Do you want to be seen as a writer who clients call one time for a cheap quickie project and that’s it?
Or do you want to be seen as a writer who can go deeper and take their business to the next level of growth?
Personally, I’ve spent time as both, and I know which one I’d pick every time.
Since becoming the Key Message Copy Platform expert, I’ve increased my income significantly each year, while working on far fewer projects than when I was a short-order writer…
Plus, now I’m able to finish all my client writing in about half my working hours, which frees up several hours a week to work on content for other revenue streams in my personal business.
Things like coaching sessions and online product development… things I really enjoy doing.
Compare this to the crazy 60+ hour weeks I used to work bouncing around like a pinball between a bunch of small projects, and it really is a no brainer.
Sure, I still have the option to take on other projects when I want to…
And I frequently do.
But because I’m usually writing for clients I’ve already written a Platform for, I get to pick and choose which projects I accept, and I’m able to charge premium fees for them.
It’s not because I’m the best writer in the world, either.
It’s all because of how Key Message Copy Platforms position you as both an expert writer AND an expert on your client.
Let me show you what I mean…

Skipping Straight to “Expert” Status

The beauty of this system is that you don’t need years and years of experience to look like an expert to your clients.
That’s because a primary portion of writing Key Message Copy Platforms is all about asking your clients the right questions…
And that’s easy to do when you follow my step-by-step guide, where I give you exactly which talking points to use to make sure your client gives you ALL the information you need to write a very dynamic Key Message Copy Platform.
In most cases, once you get them talking, the information they provide makes it much easier to write their Key Message Copy Platform.
From there, all you have to do is organize the information they gave you into a series of persuasive marketing messages.
The result is a Key Message Copy Platform that helps your client focus their efforts and generate greater revenues.
And they’ll love you for it!
So if you’re just getting started as a writer…
Or if you have a few years of experience but are looking for a way to expand your business and bring in additional income…
This is perfect for you!
I’ll walk you through the whole process… take any guess-work out of the equation… and show you how simple it is to get the information you need from clients to make writing a Key Message Copy Platform much easier for you.
Plus, once you’ve single-handedly organized their marketing campaigns, guess who your client is going to want to hire to write all the additional copy they need?
That’s right, 9 times out of 10, they’re going to turn right back around and ask you to sign up for more paid writing projects.
After all, you just became THE expert on their company and their product.
You understand their messaging in a way no other freelance writer does.
The truth is, no one else can write the copy they need as well as you could.
In fact, I’ve had clients I wrote Platforms for tell me they loved my work but couldn’t afford to hire me for more projects…
Only to have them call me up a few weeks later asking me to come back and write for them because no other freelancer understood what they needed like I did!
Once clients realize how your insight into their business affects their bottom line, the funds seem to appear like magic, and they can’t get enough of your writing.
For anyone who’s looking to build up their roster of clients, I can’t recommend Key Message Copy Platforms enough.
And again, EVERY company needs them.
You can get your foot in the door with a new client, impress them with your insight and expertise, and open the door for more work with them — all in a very short period of time.
The entire process is designed to be completely straightforward for you…
Taking the guess-work out means you get the advantage of looking like a marketing veteran — no matter how new you really are.
And when you look like an expert, people want to pay you like an expert.
That’s when things get really exciting…

The $23 Million Jacket

Remember how I told you I started out charging the same flat fee of $3,000 for every Platform I wrote?
Back then I was thrilled with making that much money for such a straightforward project.
I even felt a little nervous charging so much for a project that was, in reality, very easy for me to write…
That is, until I lost a client because they thought I was charging too little!
They took one look at my $3,000 invoice and gave it back to me, saying, “Look, you just told us about this service that’s easily got to be worth $10,000… but if you’re only charging $3,000, then maybe it’s not that valuable after all…”
I was stunned!
It got me thinking…
Sure, writing Key Message Copy Platforms is easy for me…
But my clients don’t see or care how easy it is for me… they care about how valuable it is for their business.
That’s how they judge what the price of something should be.
In fact, one time I got a surprise package in the mail from a client I’d written a Platform for the year before…
Inside was a jacket with the tagline I’d written for them embroidered on it, and a note that said…
Casey, we wanted to send you this jacket as a thank you. The messaging you wrote for our new product helped us bring in $23 million in revenue this first year!”
My first thought was, “My writing helped generate $23 million and all I got was this bloody jacket!”
It didn’t even fit me!
I’d only charged $3,000 to write their Key Message Copy Platform…
Clearly I could have charged much more.
I still have that darn jacket hanging in my closet as a reminder to never under-value what my services are worth to clients.
From that day on, I started using a new, one-question technique to judge how much to charge each client for their Platform.
I’ve personally used it to earn more than 3x my normal rate.
The result?
These days I typically make $7,500 to $10,000 or more for the same amount of work!
I’m still only spending 15 or 20 hours on each Platform, and yet I’m earning double, or even triple my original fee.
Sometimes I still can’t believe it!
But as much money as you can make from it…
There’s still one more aspect of Key Message Copy Platforms that I think makes them more valuable to writers than anything else… 

Module 1

How to Write Key Message Copy Platforms (Overview)

Each Key Message Copy Platform has a base of 14 sections. In this module, we’ll dive deep into the first four sections — the product tag line, the target market description, the “voice” for the product, and sample headlines.
I’ll show you: 

  1. The three simple steps you can follow to write any Key Message Copy Platform quickly.
  2. Why you don’t want to make “clever” product tag lines for your clients — and what you should write instead that’s simpler and will make your customers much happier.
  3. How to keep the “human value” element strong in your copy (and even how to sneak extra human value into “dry” copy).

By the end of this module, you’ll have reviewed multiple samples and be primed to create your own introductory sections with confidence.

Module 2

How to Write Key Message Copy Platforms (The Important Details)

In Module 2, we’ll jump right into the next five sections in a “do it as you see it” format.
I’ll also give you some personal insights on achieving success in the business, including: 

  • Why a detailed description of how the product or service works is one of the best “gifts” you can give the marketing team — plus, how doing this right knocks down buyer objections fast.
  • How to keep your copy “at-a-glance friendly” throughout — and why this is going to make your client fall in love with your work right away.
  • Your secret allies in the R&D department and how they can help you. (Here’s a hint: They know the product even better than the marketing team!)
  • What to do to give products more personality — and why positioning them in this way boosts the power of market segmentation for your clients.

By the end of Module 2, you’ll be able to deliver the key positioning elements of a Key Message Copy Platform without breaking a sweat… and be well on your way to having your first completed sample.

Module 3

How to Write Key Message Copy Platforms (The Nuts and Bolts)

Here, I’ll wrap up Key Message Copy Platform writing with a tour through the testimonials, features and benefits, and call-to-action sections. You’ll learn: 

  • Why short testimonials beat long ones in the business world… and how you can get the “right” testimonials from the best product champions.
  • How to skip hype and fluff when describing features and benefits, so you can deliver details that really mean something to both your clients and their customers.
  • What the sales team can tell you to give you insights… plus how you can use their insights to write talking points that overcome buyer objections. (Marketing teams love this!)
  • Why the call-to-action section helps your clients — and when you’ll want to skip this section entirely to help yourself.

By the end of this module, you’ll understand writing Key Message Copy Platforms from start to finish. But that’s not all. By the end of this module, you’ll also have completed your first sample copy platform.

Module 4

Getting Clients: Who Buys Key Message Copy Platforms?

Everything you learned up till now will be useless if you don’t have clients. So Module 4 kicks off a three-part series on the easiest ways to attract clients with Key Message Copy Platforms.
I’ll share everything I know about how to market to clients and sell them on doing Key Message Copy Platforms, including: 

  • How to turn potentially difficult clients into positive, profit-generating clients by steering them toward a Key Message Copy Platform.
  • Where to find your ultimate “sweet spot” as a Key Message Copy Platform writer — and what to say while you’re in the “sweet spot” to virtually guarantee you’re the client’s first choice for every additional project.
  • Why working with small start-up firms can be the most fun you’ll ever have doing Key Message Copy Platforms — even if it’s the only project you ever do together!
  • How to use Key Message Copy Platform projects to land work with companies who have small budgets… and why you’ll still make every penny you deserve while you do it!

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to zero in on the top three situations where a Key Message Copy Platform is a smart sell. Plus, I’ll even reveal the five situations where it’s a BAD IDEA to pitch a Key Message Copy Platform and what you should offer instead to maximize your earnings.

Module 5

Maximize Your Income: How to Consistently Sell Key Message Copy Platforms

In this module, I’ll lay out the talking-points you’ll need to put clients at ease and sell them on working with you right away, including: 

  • The six essential talking points and closing lines I use every day, built from my 20+ years of face-to-face experience with clients in the field — and you can steal them!
  • How to use my “conference room table” negotiating secret to make marketers want to jump on your proposal and get your check in the mail.
  • Why you want to be the first one to give a number, so you can provide a smart pricing anchor for your clients and make it easy for them to see your value.
  • When a three-tiered pricing system makes sense, and how you can use this to maximize your overall writing income.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to smoothly sell clients on the value of hiring you by using the best talking points available — mine!

Module 6

Hidden Opportunities: How to Avoid Project Pitfalls

Here, I’ll walk you through the pitfalls I’ve run into on Key Message Copy Platform projects and give you my strategies to avoid them. You’ll learn: 

  • My top three responses to client objections (just swipe these and use them for yourself!).
  • How to manage special requests and special situations like a pro — plus, case studies so you can see real-life solutions to all the most common problems.
  • Why a “setback” is just another opportunity for you — and the special discounting system I use to make sure you get lots more opportunities coming your way.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to handle project quirks with confidence. You’ll also have my best practices on your side to ensure you’re the first choice for follow-up projects.

Module 7

Grow Your Business: Show Case Your Copywriting Skills

Key Message Copy Platforms are just one part of my six-figure writing career… and in this module, I’ll reveals my top tactics for building up every aspect of your business, including: 

  • Why a simple plan (that you can do well) will always beat a complicated plan.
  • How marketing that’s “an inch wide but a mile deep” lets you build up clients in your preferred space while still leaving the door wide open for extra work in other areas.
  • The unique power of the “go-giver” mindset in the business space — plus all the hands-on activities you can do to put that mindset into action for your business right away.

By the end of Module 7, you’ll understand the three stages of writing success and how you can use my best practices to move through those stages in your own career.

Module 8

Bonus Session — Developing A Mindset Marketing Power

In this Bonus Module, I’ll share my secret to creating a “winning” mindset, and how it can help you excel as a copywriter.
I’ll also include a free copy of the bonus report 10 Secrets to Attracting Copywriting Success with this module. You’ll see… 

  • How you can develop an unrelenting belief that you deserve as much success as anyone else. Because you do.
  • Why you should be careful what you wish for… and only wish for the best! Since it doesn’t take any more energy to dream big than to think small, there’s no reason to hold yourself back.
  • How when you master your mindset, your “hard work” becomes an opportunity for joyful creation.

It all adds up to a module designed to help you unlock your inner power as a marketer in a way that’s easy, simple, and builds you up on a consistent basis.


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